101 Ways to go Zero Waste – A Review

I recently read Kathryn Kellogs book, 101 Ways to go Zero Waste. I would personally like to congratulate Kathryn on this massive achievement. Writing a book is a mammoth task, and this one was eloquent, well researched and an amazing representation of the Zero Waste movement.

That said, It is important to note that this book is for complete zero waste beginners. Now, from the title, this is exactly what you would assume the book is about. However, based on her audience, this fact surprised me. I would consider myself part of Kathryn’s audience, and I did have pre-conceived notions that the book would speak to me in some way, but I didn’t personally learn a whole lot form this book.

But if you are ready to start your Zero Waste journey, this book will help you nail it! It will give you the tools you need to transform your waste in your home, out and about and at events. It will show you how to transfer your bathroom, your bedroom, your kitchen, and all areas of your life. I would recommend this book to any beginner who wants to get into Zero Waste.

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