Something You Might Want to Know About Cardboard Food Containers

It is wonderful to see local food outlets and restaurants switching out their plastic plates and cutlery for cardboard or bamboo items. However, it is important to spread the word about how to dispose of these items, so that we don’t continue to create the same problem we are trying to solve. Here are 3 things you need to know about eco single-use items.

  1. The items are still single use.
    While they are more eco-friendly, the items still took a lot of resources to create them. Where possible, stick with your reusable alternatives.
  2. The items cannot be recycled
    If a cardboard item is covered in food, it cannot be recycled. In fact, if it is put in recycling, it can destroy a whole batch, and it will all be sent to landfill.
  3. They can be composted
    Never fear, not all cardboard food storage will be destined for landfill. You can home compost them, providing you break them up into small pieces.
  4. Most places aren’t composting them
    If you happen to use one of these when you are out and about, I would encourage you to take it with you and make sure it is disposed of correctly, unless you know that the outlet you are purchasing from has a known disposal policy.

Do you have any tips on how to ensure cardboard food trays get composted? Or have you spoken to any businesses who are doing their part when disposing of them? I would love to hear about it in the comments. If you would like to hear more, make sure you subscribe.

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