That Gum You’re Chewing? Yep, It’s Made of Plastic.

I thought, since it is Plastic Free July, I would share with you one of the most surprising plastics I gave up early in my Zero Waste Journey. I am so sorry to put you off your after lunch snack, but that gum is made of plastic.

While chewing gum and bubble gum was originally made from tree sap, once production outweighed the trees ability to provide enough sap to fulfill the gum demand, scientists came up with a substitute – rubber and plastic.

So this Plastic Free July, its time to dump the gum and try some alternative things to snack on in between your meals. For me, this means having some nuts or fruit in my bag for when I am feeling like I need something to chew on, but maybe for you, it could mean a tin of mints or some vegetable snacks.

Did you know this about Gum? Are there any other plastic revelations that you have had this Plastic Free July? I would love to hear about your Plastic Free July journey in the comments below! And for more plastic-free living tips, I would love for you to subscribe here.

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