5 Vegan Changes No One Will Even Notice

As many of you know, my partner and I are not vegan. We are in the process of reducing our animal product intake and being more conscious of our choices. I know it can be taboo to say, but at first, this change was a little difficult. When you grow up in a meat and 3 veg household, those habits are hard to break, but there are some changes you can make, that you may not even notice. I thought I would share with you some changes we made when we started out, that didn’t really change our day-to-day.

Worcestershire Sauce

I didn’t even know that this product wasn’t vegan until I looked at the label. Traditionally, Worcestershire sauce has anchovies in it – in fact, the brand that is said to be the original Worcestershire sauce still does this today. However, upon looking at all of the other brands on the shelf, particularly the cheaper brands often omit this item. Simply looking at the label of this product can change your impact on the planet. It’s that easy.

Stock Powder

Now I have to confess, this wasn’t a change that we make. We had unknowingly been buying vegan-friendly chicken and beef style stocks for as long as I can remember. We seriously had no clue, as it tastes exactly the same. If you are trying to reduce your animal products or your impact on the planet, it’s a no brainer – you might already be doing it and you don’t even know it.


Or rather, not butter. Butter has been one of those things that slowly but surely just fell off of our shopping list. This has happened because we have found alternatives for most recipes that we actually like better. For savory baking, we use Olive Oil, as it simply tastes better, and for sweet baking, we use coconut oil. For toast, bread or other spreadable, we have a stock of olive oil in a tray cooled in our refrigerator to make it solid. It will elevate your vegemite on toast to a level that your avo toast could only dream of.


While I am not a drinker, I often give wine to family or friends as gifts or serve it at dinner parties. Did you know that a lot of wines actually have milk cultures in them? By choosing vegan-friendly wines, you will be reducing your impact, and the flavor is just the same.

Milk and cream

Maybe this is next level, but replacing milk and creams honestly has come naturally in our home. We tried a recipe for cashew cream, simply because it looked nice, with no intention to replace milk or cream altogether, and we simply never looked back. We loved the cashew cream and slowly have tried other variations, such as cashew parmesan cheese, almond butter, and even almond and oat milk.

Without making much difference to our diet, we were able to cut out more than 5 animal products from our diet. But these changes did more than just save some anchovies and some milk, this planted the seed for us to try bigger, better and bolder changes in our home, without the pressure or fear of a huge change all at once.

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