A Plastic-free July to keep you on track

I know sometimes a Zero Waste lifestyle can feel stale. While I know my passion has not diminished in the slightest, I find that sometimes, I am doing everything that I can, and I feel as if there are no more changes to make. But I know there has to be more I can do, so this plastic-free July, I’m going to find out what.

I am going to do a Zero Waste self-survey this July, and I am going to monitor the following four things:

Survey my physical waste.

This one seems obvious, but I think it is important to figure out of any plastic has found itself back in my home. I am also going to try to find alternatives for these items. Previously, I would have simply banned myself from purchasing the item anymore, but this far into my journey, if I haven’t stopped purchasing the item, it probably provides some value in my life.

Survey all of my purchases.

Yes, even my Zero-Waste ones. I want to find out more about what I am purchasing, and more importantly, where I am purchasing them from. I want to find out more about the upstream waste of all of the products that I purchase on a regular basis. I want to find out if they are the best companies to purchase from, and what their values are. I also want to survey my future purchases, and analyze the best way to purchase them, and whether I already own something that I could use instead.

Survey my habits.

Can I use my car less? Can I change the way I eat? Can I save some more electricity? Can I take shorter showers? What am I doing in my life that I can do better? I want to diarise my day-to-day habits to see what I am wasting, or what I can save.

Survey my home.

I want to find out the items that I still have in my home that need to be used up. Are they things I am still working down, such as notebooks or pens, or are they things I haven’t used in the past 12 months, that I simply am not going to, such as old perfumes.

This is how I am going to hit plastic free July. I am going to hit the month with the ground running with a rejuvenated spirit that I haven’t had in a long time. How are you going to spend this plastic free July? I would love to hear in the comments below.


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