How does meal prep save the environment?

I feel like in some ways, we are in the era of meal prep promotion. Whether it is for fitness, convenience or budget, everyone is on the meal prep bandwagon – or at least they should be. But something that isn’t often discussed is that meal prep can save the environment too. Here’s how:

It saves on food waste.

This is the most obvious but often overlooked when people are sharing the value of meal prep. For me, I double or triple my recipe when I cook, which allows me to use up fresh vegetable before they have a chance to go bad. I put the meals in the freezer for a rainy day.

It saves on electricity.

I know this sounds like a stretch, and it isn’t going to immediately reduce your electricity bill each month, but hear me out. Every time you heat up the stove, the oven or your choice of cooking appliance, you use electricity. By cooking multiple things at once in the oven, or doubling your recipe on the stove, that is one less time that your appliance needs to heat up. 

It saves on dishes (and therefore water).

When cooking more food in a larger pot, it is one less pot or pan to wash. Not to mention the various utensils that are used. When doing a lot of cooking at one time, you will use dishes and utensils for multiple uses, negating the need for another load of dishes on another day.

It guarantees prepared meals which stops multiple shopping trips.

I know often when we prepare meals on a daily basis, we have to return to the shops to pick up little odds and ends to make a meal. By meal prepping, you know exactly what you have, and what you will need for your next meal prep day, saving you a few trips to the store.

How else has meal prep helped you on your Zero Waste journey? I would love to hear about it in the comments below. If you love to reduce food waste, check out one of my “clean out the fridge” recipes here. For more recipes and tips, subscribe here.

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