Digital Minimalism

When you stick a box in the corner of the room, full of stuff, eventually your brain will stop seeing it as clutter. It will fit into the normal structure of the room and unless you are looking for it, you pretty much won’t see it. It isn’t until you clean out the room, that you finally see just how much stuff you had in it.

When it comes to your phone or your computer, it is the same thing. Recently, my computer got down to less than a gigabyte of storage space and basically stopped working until I cleaned it out. As I was going through my files, I realized that my desktop was pretty much full, and I hadn’t even noticed that dozens of icons had cluttered my screen. Not only that, the “my documents” section had over 3 thousand items that hadn’t been filed or sorted – and most of which could simply be deleted.

Going forward, I am going to set aside a couple of hours per month to ensure that this digital space is kept as clean as my physical space – but it has been a really interesting process to learn that maybe I was transferring my clutter habits to my computer space.

Have you noticed other areas of clutter in your life after decluttering your physical space? I would love to hear about it in the comment below. And we would love the have you join the Minimize The Waste community by subscribing to get notified when we post a new blog.

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