My favorite of the 5 R’s

I was reflecting this week on how much Zero Waste living has changed my life.

Prior to taking this journey, I was not a shop-o-holic or a big spender, but what I was obsessed with was holding on to everything that I had – just in case one day I needed it. I did not grow up wealthy, and I was taught to use everything I have, but I think as I grew up, I took this a couple of steps too far, almost hoarding belongings in fear of not having enough.

Zero Waste has really changed my attitude, as well as my fear of losing everything. It has allowed me to stop taking in every single item that is presented to me because I do not need to hold on to so many of earth resources, especially if I am not using them. I have been able to declutter items in my home that I am not using, in order to create a circular economy, and pass them on to someone else.

I now love to reduce. I love the challenge of reducing, I love the thought process of reducing. I really love the challenge of needing and wanting less and figuring out new things that I can live without.

What is your favorite R when it comes to Zero Waste? Maybe you love “Rot” because you love composting, or maybe you love getting creative with “Reuse”? I would love to hear all about it in the comments. I would love to have you be part of the Minimise the Waste community by subscribing so you can be the first to know when new blogs are posted.

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