Where do I shop?

Grocery shopping is one of the top 5 areas of life that we can really reduce our waste. I have been asked quite a few times where I do my grocery shopping, so I thought now was a great time to break down my grocery shopping for you.

I do my grocery shopping fortnightly, on a Saturday morning, with my partner. It is a great way to spend time together, and it’s great to have someone help carry the shopping! We visit stores that are about 20 minutes from our home, as they are the most ethical and low waste stores we have been able to find. This is one of the key reasons we shop on a fortnightly basis, rather than a weekly one.

We visit 3 stores in total:

The fruit and vegetable shop:

We visit a local, family-run, organic farm that sells their own produce from the farm, as well as items from other local organic produce providers. The benefits of this? There is very little travel impact from the food, the food is organic and I am supporting a small business rather than a large corporation.

If you have a local, family-run farm or farmers market in your area, why not give it a go? A special bonus is getting to know the people who run the store. At our local farm, they now keep any bruised tomatoes for me, because they know I love to cook with them.

The bulk store:

Again, the bulk store I visit is a local, family-run bulk store – but any bulk store that you have around you can be a great place to visit. It is important though, to get to know the values of the particular bulk store in your area. If they don’t have any specific waste related reasons, it might be worth looking somewhere else – if they are simply filling bulk bins with the same products, with the same packaging as a general grocery store, then you might be better off looking elsewhere.

At the bulk store, I purchase all of my dry ingredients – flour, rice, nuts, grains, seeds, dried herbs, etc.

A local grocery store:

And at the local, generic grocery store, this is where I purchase any little extras that I can’t get at the previous two stores. Things like soy sauce, vegetable stock and any other little items that I need to make up my meal plan. I try to purchase as little at a conventional grocery store as possible because I don’t like to support businesses that have so much packaging on their products.

Do I shop with a list?

Yes, I do shop with a list, but its a highly flexible list. I have a meal plan, but if something is on sale because it’s going to go bad, I will usually make substitutions at the store. For example, If I wanted to purchase raspberries, but strawberries are on sale, I will substitute those.

I hope this helps you will your family grocery shopping, and I would love to hear in the comments below any tips you have! Don’t forget to subscribe to get notified every time a new blog is posted.

Happy shopping!

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