What to do if your partner is not Zero Waste

Whether it’s Zero Waste, Minimalism, Veganism or any other major lifestyle change, often it means that the people around us need to do some adapting. Sometimes your partner is on board with the change, and sometimes, we simply grow at different rates, and they aren’t in the same place as we are. Here are some things you can do if your partner is not on board with Zero Waste.

  1. Respect – The first thing you need to do is respect their decision. I know a year before I went Zero Waste, I would not have been on board to change everything about our life. While we can hopefully expect support for our decisions, we cannot expect others to also want to change just because we want them to. While I understand that right now, you are full of passion and information that you just want to share with the world so that everything changes – you have to think back to how you would have felt about it before you had your realization.
  2. Education – No, I don’t mean trying to force our partners with every documentary under the sun until they convert to our way of thinking. I mean explaining our why, and the meaning the change holds for you, is the way to encourage your partner to make a few little changes.
  3. Compromise – Find ways you can make changes that your partner doesn’t mind, that doesn’t change their day to day life too much. Find out what they aren’t willing to change right now, and find a middle ground where you can both be happy with your new lifestyle.
  4. Keep talking and keep trying – like anything you are passionate about, don’t hide it away. Be proud of the difference you are making. People will hopefully see your spirit and be inspired by it!

These are just a few ways to help your partner and your loved ones be more supportive, and even on board with your new Zero Waste lifestyle. Let me know below if you have had success in your relationship with this transition!

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