3 Things I hate about my Zero Waste Life

I watched this amazing video last week from Samantha White (aka Living Waste Free on Youtube) about what she hated about her Zero Waste life. While this title sounds like amazing click bait, this is a real look into a Zero Waste life that doesn’t hide the reality – thank you, Samantha! I was inspired, and I wanted to add my two cents to the mix. Here are 3 things I hate about my Zero Waste life.

  1. The judgment – I have not found that many people judge my Zero Waste life. However, I do feel that people behave as if I am judging them. Sometimes people apologize for having a plastic bag, or they tell me that they recycle without me prompting them in any way. It seems that sometimes, on some level, people know that what we are doing to the planet isn’t right, and my change hits them on an emotional level that neither of us realizes is happening.
  2. The difficult choices – sometimes, the choices we have to make as Zero Wasters are between a bad choice, or a worse one, which can be so frustrating – because all we want to do is make the best choices for the planet.
  3. When you hate EVERY Zero Waste option – take toothpaste for example, as I know a lot of us have this problem – every single one I have tried tastes awful, and I want to do the right thing, I really do – but I don’t want to feel sick every time I brush my teeth.
  4. The emotional stress – Samanth was right about this one, but I have something to add. I can’t even watch an environmental documentary sometimes without letting the weight of the world and the impact we are having on the planet hitting me emotionally and leaving me scared. Don’t get me wrong, I bounce back, and I wouldn’t change it for anything, but sometimes, the weight of the problem we are facing just gets to me. Here I am doing everything I can, and then I see someone throw trash out of their car on the side of the road or I see someone purchase a pallet of bottled water – I wonder how we are ever going to get anywhere.

I would love to hear if some of you can relate to any of these issue, or if you have any other issues with your Zero Waste life. Comment below!

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