My Zero Waste Fail (well, one of them)

Last week, one of my ceramic coffee mugs had a large crack appear down the side of it. As it was leaking, it was no longer usable as a mug, but I thought it was a great opportunity to get crafty with it and make it into a pot plant holder for my small basil plant.

So I made some paper mache glue (flour and water) and I got out some old newspapers that I was going to recycle and I got crafting. It looked great – I even used some coffee grinds to dye the cup brown so it would look great in the garden. I placed it outside on the table to dry and went on with my day.

About an hour later, I went back to fill the now plant holder, to find it on the ground, smashed up, as my dog had taken it, and eaten all of the paper mache. My crafting project was gone. Luckily, we got my dog checked out and he was fine, and he hadn’t eaten any of the ceramics, but it might be a while before I attempt another craft project. We couldn’t even recycle the cup anymore, as our recycling doesn’t accept pieces of broken glass.

I guess the point is that not everything is going to go to plan – and even with the best of intentions, sometimes we create waste. But we just have to laugh at the funny side and keep on trying.

I hope all of you are having a great week, and I would love to hear about your craft projects that went bad in the comments below.

Happy crafting!

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