5 things you can make at home instead of buying (from the bathroom)

I had about five towels I had to get rid of this past week, and it inspired me to make a bunch of other items for my bathroom out of them. Here are 5 things you can make or repurpose for the bathroom instead of buying.

1. Facewipes – whether they are small makeup wipes or larger face wipes, all you need to do is cut up the towel into the size you want, sew around the edges to prevent fraying and to ensure they last longer, and there you go! This could save you so much money!

2. Reusable Pads – Now I purchased mine before I knew about this hack, but if I could go back in time, I would make my own reusable menstrual pads. Check out Sustainably Vegan’s video on how to make these!

3. Bathroom storage – Even as Zero Waster’s, we still need to store things in the bathroom, but this doesn’t automatically mean it is time for a trip to IKEA. There are so many boxes or containers that come into your home that you can decorate and repurpose in your bathroom.

4. Bathroom Mats  – One thing I have made before was a weaved bathroom mat. I took a bunch of towels, cut them into long strips, platted them (sewing them together at the ends to make one continuous braid) and then winding them into a circle and stitching them together to make a round bathroom mat. They look really cool, the color wheel of it brightens the room, and it is repurposing something that is old and worn to give it new life.

5. Rags – when there is nothing left to do with your broken or worn towels when they are too far gone for anything, they are good cleaning rags. They don’t need to be pretty or well sewn, they will clean just fine as they are.

Let me know if you have any tips on homemade bathroom products in the comments below!


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