My Merchandise Free Life

One of the biggest changes that I made when I went Zero Waste was to give up my merchandise habit. And by habit – I mean it – I was addicted to displaying the books, movies, and musicians that I loved on my clothes, my books, and around my home.

Sometimes I would purchase up to $200 dollars worth of merchandise at a concert, and at the local show, I remember purchasing myself up to 10 show bags based on my favorite shows or magazines.

When I decluttered my home, I sold, passed on or donated over 50 concert or theatre programs, more posters than I could count, and over 100 novelty items from favorites of yesteryear.

Looking back now, all I see is how much money I wasted on branded and themed items, only to in six months, stop being so attached to the brand, and then would discard, or simply no longer enjoy the items.

Now, If I go to a concert or a show, I might take a picture standing in front of a poster, or a picture with the people I went with, but otherwise, I simply enjoy the event for what it is, not what I can buy from it. I find that not only do I enjoy events so much more and find myself more “in the moment”, but I am able to enjoy so many more events because I’m not wasting my money on things I simply do not need.

What was your branding kryptonite

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