5 things I no longer buy

I looked around my Zero Waste life this week, and noticed a bunch of things I no longer buy – so I thought I would share them with you!

New clothes – I get all of my clothes second hand from thrift stores, op-shops, facebook market place, friends and family, or markets. I choose not to purchase new clothes because I believe we do not need to use any more resources to create any more clothes, there are simply enough out there already.

Stationary – I know I have mentioned this before, but I thought it was worth mentioning again. I am over one and a half years into my Zero Waste journey, and I still have not had any need to purchase any stationary. I still have over 10, half-used notebooks to use up, about 30 pens, and numerous other items. Not to mention that yesterday, my mother mentioned to me that she still has dozens of my half-finished high school notebooks. I will probably never buy stationary again – and if I do, it will certainly be second hand.

Items for particular events – Christmas decorations, Easter decorations, things to use once on a holiday or for an event. I simply use what I have, or I don’t participate. I know this makes me sound like the Grinch, but there are other ways to enjoy the holidays than covering your house with it.

New electronics – I will never purchase a brand new phone, laptop or tech item ever again. If you look at the coast of a new item and then look at the value of the item a year later – it simply isn’t worth it. I can get a year old item, often for almost half the price!

Sale items – Whether it’s in the grocery store, the op shop or somewhere else, I used to be really into “sale item”. The problem was, often, those were not items that I needed, or often particularly wanted, so I really was just wasting money on them. Now, I only purchase sale items if I was already intending to buy them because remember – it’s 100% free if you don’t buy it!

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