Gift Alternatives this Easter

You have probably heard me say this before, but gift-giving holidays make me pretty stressed out. The idea that it is easter, so I must purchase the people I love bunny shaped chocolate eggs – well, I just don’t like it.

The truth is, if I had my way, I would purchase my loved ones something when they wanted something or needed something – or when I found something that I know that they would get value from. But like most of us, I come from a culture that encourages us to participate in these types of holidays, and I have a family who enjoys it – so I do participate in easter. But here are 5 gift alternatives that you can gift this Easter.

  1. Clothing – I have fond memories of my great grandmother buying us new winter pajamas at Easter, as it begins to get cold at that time of year. I loved getting these for Easter, as they were something I could use all year – or at least until summer hit.
  2. Home Made Sweets – I won’t be claiming you should give your kids salad for Easter any time soon, but I do think that at the very least, homemade treats give you the power to choose the quality and quantity of the ingredients.
  3. Your time – The most valuable thing you have – why not give some of it to a family member or a friend this Easter? This could mean spending time with them, helping with a project they are working on or offering your skills to help them.
  4. Something they want – If there is something that one of your loved ones wants, why not get it for them at Easter – even if it isn’t necessarily Easter related. Whether its a gadget, a household item, or something else, if its something they will love, why not?
  5. An activity or event – a gift doesn’t have to be something physical. Tickets to an event or to an activity can be just as exciting.

I hope this list helps you navigate gifts this Easter. Comment below if you have other suggestions and don’t forget to subscribe!

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