We need to make a fast and fashionable change!

I saw this video yesterday, and I couldn’t help but write a blog on it. Shoutout and thank you to the lovely Sedona Christina for putting the information, and her journey out there – it was a beautiful journey of self-growth that can teach us all something.

Fast fashion is an industry that is well marketed and on the outside looks bright and, let’s face it, fashionable. But the more you delve into the fast fashion industry and their practices, the scarier it is. From wages, environmental impacts and generally the chemicals that are used to make the products that could harm us.

The craziest thing to me is that just like me, she really had to discover the issues with the fashion industry because the information isn’t readily accessible to the general public.

While I didn’t personally share her fear of op shopping or thrifting, I know a lot of people do, and I think Sedona’s story is something many people can relate to.

I would love to see more people learn about the fast fashion industry and make conscious choices – so I wanted to post this to spread the word!


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