The best thing you can do to save the world

I wanted to share today what I have discovered is the best thing I can do to save the planet. It isn’t a particular diet or a way of life, a miracle cure or a lifestyle change, but more so, it is all of these things in one.

The most important thing we can do to help the planet is to keep learning. The more informed we are, the better choices we can make. We cannot get stuck in what we know now, we have to keep seeking information. Education doesn’t have to mean a bachelors degree or even a course. Here are some ways that I continue to make sure I am learning every single day.

  1. Documentaries
    My partner and I usually watch at least one documentary per week – sometimes more. We watch these through a number of avenues, including free documentaries on Youtube, documentaries through our Netflix subscription, and through our library, whether this is through DVD’s or, through our library’s online streaming service. That’s right, our free library membership also gives us access to a free streaming service that allows you to watch 10 items per month. Your library might give you access to this too check it out here –
  2.  Books
    Books are a wealth of knowledge that you cannot find through any other medium. You can learn about any topic through books. You can learn what society thinks, what research we have. You can earn about research that we used to have and how it has changed. Just like all research, you do have to do your due diligence, because, in all information, there are crazy people using pseudo-science to prove their point, but there is also so much out there to be learned from real studies by real people who just want to share knowledge!
  3. People
    Learning from people is sometimes the most radial learning experience you can have. I encourage you to talk to people with different values to you. Ask questions, debate, talk, argue – just share information. You do not have to believe everything that you hear, you just have to be open-minded. Join some online communities, talk to people in person, simply be a part of a conversation.

How do you learn? I would love to hear how you learn and share information. Comment below or tag us in your conversations on Instagram.

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