Things to STOP being distracted by

We are all human – we have human weaknesses and human distractions. Just because we are on an Eco-Friendly journey, doesn’t mean temptation isn’t there – even for me. I thought I’d share 3 things that I am going to focus on NOT being distracted by anymore in 2019.

1 – Convenience

Convenience is a big distraction sometimes for me when it comes to Zero Waste or Low Impact because sometimes, I just want something now. I didn’t plan to want chips or a snack, so I didn’t purchase anything from the bulk store, or bring a container with me. It is just there, and it is so easy to purchase it, to consume, and to move on from it.

But I never feel good when I do give in to this temptation, as I rarely actually needed the item in question.

2 – What other people think

Sometimes, when I know that there is someone in my life that doesn’t appreciate this journey, I sometimes let that get in the way of me bringing out my reusable napkin at lunch, or stops me from suggesting a Zero Waste option. I’m going to stop worrying about what they think in 2019 and I’m going to live my Zero Waste Truth!

3 – Trends

While you won’t find me shopping for the latest clothing trends or the latest fandom item, sometimes, Zero Waste trends seem to pull me in. These things are shiny and new, and they are technically Zero Waste – it’s a win, win, right?  But if I have a perfectly usable item at home that does the same job, then it is still wasteful. The resources that go into a new item are simply not worth it.

These are three things that I struggle with on my Zero Waste journey – sometimes on a daily basis. But what keeps me going is the important cause – plus the wonderful community that work every day to reduce their impact!

One thought on “Things to STOP being distracted by

  1. The Zero Waste gadgetry always pulls me in, but I’m trying to do better!

    This post reminded me of my want for things, like candles (I don’t /really/ need them, but I like them?). So instead of buying new ones, I’ve been repurposing ugly, dented candles from my organization’s thrift shop into ‘new’ candles with old candle glasses that I have, and adding random crap that I’ve accumulated that I no longer need/want but don’t want to throw out. I now have really pretty smelling candles with flowers, tea, or shells in them and they’re really neat! I told my coworker today and he said “But you can just…buy candles…?”

    Thanks for reminding me not to care what folks think and to do my best to keep my impact low. 🙂


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