Does it take a lot of time?

Something that the people in my life often ask me about my Zero Waste life is whether it takes up a lot of time. Or rather, they assume that this type of lifestyle takes up more time than it is worth.

Well, the truth is, for me, the answer that I have more free time now than I did in my “pre Zero Waste” life. Initially, of course, it takes up large amounts of time as you look for alternative options for your lifestyle. However, these days, Zero Waste doesn’t take up much of my time at all! It is all about organization.

Take shopping as an example. While it used to be just a trip down to the local major supermarket retailer, and it took very little time at all. However, I was them often going more than once a week, sometimes up to 2 or three times, because I forgot an item or needed something else to complete my meal. These “Small chunks of time add up really fast.

Now, because I only visit the store once every two weeks, I am so much better at planning out my meals, making a list of ingredients and then getting those on my fortnightly trip. This saves me heaps of time!

Another example is how easy to find things now that we have decluttered our home and changed our buying habits. I no longer spend 10 minutes looking for my misplaced keys or that pair of pants that I really want to wear. I know where everything is.

Basically, although no lifestyle is perfect – I definitely feel like I have more time to breathe now than I did before my change in lifestyle. And others that I have spoken to feel the same way. So if you are early in your journey and everything feels like it is taking a lot of time – hang in there, things will even out eventually!

I would love to hear what you think about this topic and whether you have more time than you did, or if you have any Zero Waste time-saving hacks – comment below!

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