3 Ways to go Zero Waste with your pets

Pets seem to be an area that a lot of us struggle with when it comes to reducing waste. Pets are often a part of the family, and they have wants and needs of their own – and just like children, not only are we responsible for them, we want to see them happy. But, there are several ways that I have been able to reduce my waste when it comes to pets – and its all about being creative.

  1. Consider alternate food choices.

    For our cat, this means changing the food that we purchase for them. Our cat will not eat the food that we eat, but we try to purchase the largest cans possible and making sure we avoid anything in plastic.For our dog, this means feeding him food that we have cooked him at home, rather than food in any packaging. Often, butchers will be able to give you offcuts of meat for low prices that you can cook up with loads of vegetables that your dog will love! We have also given our dog some homemade biscuits that we found on the “Trash is for Tossers” website. http://trashisfortossers.com/4-ingredient-homemade-zero-waste-dog-treats/

  2. Consider homemade toys

    We made our dog some new toys recently out of some towels. When braided, they make a wonderful tug of war toy that is strong and sturdy. Just be sure that the material is free of microplastics and toxins so that our pets stay safe and healthy.Cats are a little more simple – they love to play in cardboard boxes, chase lights and watch themselves in the mirror. We have to remember that pets don’t feel the pull of consumerism the way we do, and won’t know the difference between a homemade toy, and one you picked up at the pet store.

  3. Consider your “waste” options

    Yes, I’m talking about your pets “waste”. There are so many different litter box options that produce low or no waste. Some people suggest teaching your pet to use a natural material such as sawdust or mulch litter and start a separate compost for this. Some people even recommend bringing soil in from your yard, letting your pets use it, then putting it back in the yard to compost.

    As you can tell, we are still working on this one, but this is certainly an area that we are working on. If you have any suggestions for this, I would love to hear them!

    It is important to note that cat waste cannot be flushed, as it causes issues with clogging and releases toxins. Dog waste is not an issue, just cats.

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