6 Back to Work Zero Waste Hacks

I know for a lot of us, the working year begins next Monday – and this busy time can often be when we fall back into old habits. But, I have 5 easy, Zero Waste back to work hacks that are sure to simplify your work based waste.

  1. Pack a lunch
    I know sometimes a packed lunch doesn’t sound as enjoyable than a trip to a restaurant or cafe nearby, but there are so many waste based benefits to a packed lunch. Not only can you control the types of food you are eating (which means you could make yourself something you love to eat), and where they come from, but you chose how that food is packaged to take to the office. Plus, this will save you money! If you sometimes forget to pack a lunch, try to pack it the night before and put it in the fridge – and don’t forget to pack some utensils and napkins.
  2. Have some spare food at the office
    Sometimes, as much as we try,  we do forget our lunch, so I always store a serving of some staples at the office. For me, his is oats, couscous, some pasta sauce etc, but this can be whatever you like – as long as it will stay fresh for a while.
  3. Meal Prep
    This is not just for lunches – you can meal prep the basics of every meal that you are going to eat for the week. Personally, I like to do a big cook up on  Sundays for enough food to last the whole work week. I leave the weekend for eating leftovers or going out. If you are one of those people who doesn’t enjoy rice or pasta after its cooled down (or the next day) – just prep the majority and then cook up some fresh pasta or rice when its time to eat.
  4. Make time for planning
    Whether its every day or every week, set aside some time where you can plan out your time and the things that you want to get done. Then, plan a list of items that you will need to have with you in order to complete those tasks effectively and waste-free. This has stopped me a number of times from being caught off guard.
  5. Clean and stock your essentials daily
    The essentials will be different for everyone, but this includes things like your keep cup, your cutlery, your water bottle, napkins etc. Make it a habit to spend just two minutes daily cleaning and restocking your essentials.
  6. Pack a “Just in case” bag
    Our essentials can’t cover everything, nor can we always plan for what’s coming – so having some other Zero Waste items handy can be a real lifesaver. For me, I keep this bag at the office or in my car, and it includes some larger grocery bags, some food storage containers, some extra clothes, chargers etc.

These really help me to curb my waste when I am on the go at work – and I hope they help you too! If this added value for you, I would love you to subscribe to get notified when I post a new blog. I hope you enjoy your first week back at work!

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