My New Years resolutions

Welcome to 2019. I hope everyone had a refreshing break and is ready to kick off 2019 with full force. In preparation for this year, I spent some time reflecting on 2018, and deciding what I want to achieve in 2019.

Most of my resolutions below focus on small habit changes that will set me up for big life goals for the year.

  1. Write morning pages every morning.
    Morning pages are just 3 pages of constant writing every morning. For me, it will essentially be a big brain dump so I can go into the day with a clear head. You can hear more about morning pages here. 
  2. Post 2 Blogs consistently every week.
    I have plans to consistently post exciting, helpful content right here on this blog.
  3. Record 1 video content piece for my brand every week.
    I will be adding video content to the brand this year so stay tuned for that!
  4. Watch no more than 10 hours of video content per week (no more than 1 hour on weekdays).
    I really want to monitor my content this year to ensure that it is not taking up all of my time.
  5. Read 1 book per week.
    I really want to make sure I am learning this year, and taking in books is a great way to do this.
  6. Spend 30 minutes cleaning the house every day.
    I really let my cleaning lapse in 2018, and I want to stay on top of this every day so that it doesn’t pile up.
  7. Give blood.
    This is something I have been afraid of for a long time, but I am going to overcome my fear in 2019.
  8. Go to the gym at least 3 times per week.
    I did this consistently in 2018 for the most part, and it really made me feel good, physically and mentally, so I want to continue this in 2019.

I would love to hear all about your New Year’s resolutions in the comments below. Remember to check back in with yourself regularly to ensure you stick to them.

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