Why our brains are wired to ignore climate change.

I landed head first charging into this book after finishing (and loving) how bad are bananas (check out my review here) – thinking that this would be another fascinating book about something that I cared about. And it was, for the first three chapters, before it got very confusing, very fast.

Basically, the book is about the psychology of accepting something such as climate change, and why our brains have an issue with it. The information was fascinating, but unfortunately, I think this went a little over my head. Each chapter felt like it was a different reason that humans ignore climate change (rather than a flowing book) – and by the time I got to chapter 17, honestly, I was exhausted.

Now don’t get me wrong, this author did some amazing research about why we ignore climate change, and some facts from the book really changed my perspective on how to approach people about the issue, but I finish the book feeling like I know less about the world than I did when I began reading.

Truly, as a reference book, this holds up. The information is there – but I think I approached this book wrong. I looked at this as a good read to further personal education. It lacks something that can’t be brought out through facts, figures, and scientists – a little humanity on what to do about it. I feel like this book presented the journalistic facts without any spark of hope of change. In other words, it was a little dense.

But, alas there are still so many reasons to give this book a go. Chapter 22 really helped my understanding of how to approach climate change with the right representative; somebody people trust to tell them the truth about the issues. I know I will go back and refer to this book when I am trying to approach people about climate change. But, I wouldn’t suggest reading it cover to cover.

This book wasn’t for me (in the way I read it), but I encourage you to give it a go. Maybe just go in with a different perspective than I did – because I think that the information is valuable for us all.

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