5 Things we buy that we actually don’t need

Shopping can be fun, exciting and exhilarating. It can give us a thrill that cannot be described. But sometimes, we need to limit and question, even the things that we love. Here are 5 things that we buy that most of us probably don’t actually need.

Food and drink

According to food wise, Australians throw out up to 40% of the groceries they purchase. And yet, according to news.com.au,  adults under 34 are now spending at least $100 per week eating at restaurants or ordering deliveries — a rise of 37 percent from the $73 spent six years ago. With all of the groceries we are purchasing, do we really need to be spending so much on eating out?


Whether it be luggage, handbags or those reusable bags from the store. We can only carry a few bags at once, so why do we need so many? According to the ABC, a 2018 Danish study, looking at the number of times a bag should be reused before being discarded, found:

  • polypropylene bags (most of the green reusable bags found at supermarkets) should be used 37 times
  • paper bags should be used 43 times
  • cotton bags should be used 7,100 times.

I can’t even begin to imagine how many times you would need to use a handbag to make its creation worthwhile.

Cleaning products

Marketing experts have perfected the message when it comes to cleaning products. They have marketed to us that we need a different cleaning product for every chore we have around the house. One for benches, one for the stove, one for the bathroom, one for the toilet, one for the mirrors. The truth is, we only need one cleaner, to do all of these things. Whether its one you purchase or one you make at home, it’s still just one.

Single-use decorations

With Christmas right around the corner, it is, of course, the example that comes to mind. And every year, I see countless decorations in the store that will be lucky to make it until the new year, let alone be able to be used for a second festive season. But it is the same for every holiday – we buy single-use items that we don’t really need. If you want to decorate your home, invest in some good quality decorations that will last you for years to come.

New Technology

Yesterday, somebody said to me “My new iPhone was a complete rip-off. It cost me $2500. But I just had to buy it!” Mind you, this was 12 months after they had purchased the last iPhone. The truth was, they didn’t need a new iPhone, in fact, they could have probably used the phone they had for a couple more years. The truth is, we go through technology like nothing else, and what happens to all of those wasted resources?

These are just of the unnecessary purchases we make on our journey to keep up with the Joneses. Let’s turn the tide and think smarter and harder about our purchases.


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