A Carbon Education – worth a read!

On recommendation from Sustainably Vegan in her video on Sustainability must-reads, I recently read “How Bad are Bananas” by Mike Berners-Lee. This was an amazing book that I unexpectedly tackled in a day – It was simply that good!

I really love the philosophy of this book and what it tries to make us understand. It gives a well-rounded view of the situation, whilst still showing us how we can change it.

I am not going to lie, I got to the content on page 15 of this book where you really start to see how many different things you need to calculate for emissions and for just a moment, I thought crawling into a dark, carbon-free cave and sitting alone with nothing to do might be the only way to solve the carbon emissions problem.

But once you get past the numbers and look at the true meaning of the book, this is a must read for anyone looking to live a more eco-friendly life. Not only did it perk my curiosity on carbon, but gave me hundreds of facts that I can pull out at any raging party. No, but really, this information is definitely something that I will keep in the back of my mind when trying to decide between any options based on their emissions. It has taken some of the stress out of the hard choices I have to make every day about which of Two options is “worse”.

It is an intricately detailed, really fun read with hints of humor in all of the right places because the wonderful author really seems to understand that we need to take this seriously, but if we take it all too seriously, then we are probably going to self-combust.

I do not want to spoil some of the surprises that I found in this book, but let me just say that it has changed everything. Some of the changes I have made in my life to be more “eco-friendly” have actually taken me a step backward in terms of my carbon footprint. But, overall, I have been happy to find that I have been headed in the right direction on most of my decisions – and this book is an encourager for taking everything even further!

It also gave me some places in my life where I hadn’t thought to reduce and has lit a fire under me in terms of the little bits that add up. But if for no other reason, you should read this book because of the information on page 188 of this book, where the author lists his way of sifting through climate change science, or any other science, in a quest to figure out who to trust.

To all of you out there, give this book a go. I love it and I hope you will too!

Happy Reading!

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