Update on my Plants

My small garden has become a pride and joy of mine during this life transition. As shown on my Instagram feed, it all started with a small Aloe Vera plant and a baby basil plant, and it has steadily grown from there. I have never been someone with a “green thumb”, but with a little time, effort and patience, I’m really proud of my efforts.

As you can see my original basil plant is on its last legs, but I have learned that this is natural for a basil plant and nothing to be concerned about. You can see more information about the lifespan of basil here.


I also have a new basil plant that was quite small when I got it, but I replanted it in the ground and it is growing strong, almost twice the size it was when I got it. I have also heard that you can grow new basil plants from offcuts, so I have grabbed a few cutoffs from this one today and I am going to give it a go. I will keep you guys posted on my Instagram page!


I did plant one other basil plant, another breed that my fiance wanted to try, but I don’t think that grows very well in the hot climate that we have here in Brisbane, and it shriveled and died within the first three weeks of planting it.

My Aloe Vera is also going strong. I had two plants originally, the one on the left I put out in the sun, the one on the right I kept in the shade. The one that I left in the shade continued to grow strong, but for a moment there, I thought we had lost the one in direct sunlight. It went brown and dried up a bit. But, with time, it adapted and sprouted new regrowth and is now starting to thrive again.

I have recently acquired a raspberry plant, so I am trying to keep that alive right now too, but it is still early days. My collection of various herbs has grown to include oregano, curry, parsley, and marjoram which all seem to be thriving in their new home.

My scrap plants seem to be having varied results. For those who do not know, scrap plants are plants that you can grow from the offcuts or scraps from my kitchen. Here is how my plants are growing.

img_20181126_180211.jpgOnions: Onions were the first plant I tried and they were a roaring success. When I grew these onions from the scraps of an onion I had in my kitchen, this one scrap piece sprouted 4 separate onions. Granted, because I didn’t separate them early enough, they were very small onions, but I am about to grow some more, and I am very excited to see how big they get when I do separate them.




Celery: The celery lived well at the start, living in a small amount of water on the windowsill in my kitchen. But once outside, even in the shade, it shriveled and died, and then pretty much decomposed as the weather got hotter. I will definitely be leaving this one inside next time.


Shallots: These were also a big success, regrowing 3 to 4 times. I have heard it is limitless, but mine seems to get a bit soggy and smelling after 3 or 4 regrows.

Tomato: This one really surprised me. I planted slices of tomato that had a bunch of seeds, and they are actually growing. It looks like they are almost ready to be planted on their own too. I have these in the shade, and I think i will leave them there for the foreseeable future until they are a little stronger.

img_20181126_180153.jpgOverall, I really like how much small garden is starting to grow. What do you think I should grow next? I am also looking to get some plants for my office desk, does anyone have any suggestions for what I should get? Let me know in the comments below!

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