Bullet Journaling Doesn’t Have to be Fancy

We have all seen the trend of bullet journalling floating around the internet for the past few years. For a while, I palmed it off as an unnecessary trend, but then I realized that the basic concept of a bullet journal isn’t that different to a diary or a to-do list, it just has a little more creativity attached to it. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about – check out the video below.

This is one of the first examples of bullet journaling that I have seen that don’t require you to have 50 different special pens, a bunch of wasteful stickers and a bunch of other crap that for me personally, I just don’t have time for. It might be for some people, but for me, it seemed like it was about a bunch of things to buy that I might never use again.

But when I looked a little deeper, I can see that the creativity that goes into bullet journalling might be just the thing a lot of people need. If you spend a lot of time decorating and planning out pages in your bullet journal, I think this might support your mind in solidifying the idea, and you will be more likely to remember the tasks you set for yourself.

After reading some scientific analysis of bullet journaling and the main factor that this has over calendar apps, print calendars or other to do list functions – you invest more time in this option. You convince your brain that you are not going to forget to do the tasks at hand – and then it frees up your mind for the more important things in life.

So I am embarking on, a month of bullet journaling, to see if it works for me. I’ll keep you posted with another blog in about a months time and let you know what worked, what didn’t and what I will do in the future. If any of you are bullet journalers I would love to see your page designs. Post them to Instagram and tag @minimizethewaste in your posts.

Happy Journaling!

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