Facebook Sharing is NOT Enough!

Every week, I see multiple posts on social media along the lines of “this tragic thing is happening, share to stop it, or “share to send a message to the government”. This makes me really sad.

Now before my statement upsets you, hear me out. It isn’t because people are posting about a cause that they care about, I know that the intention behind these kinds of posts is admirable. I can see these people are upset about the issue, and they are just trying to do the right thing. The problem is, their post will be in vain and they have no guidance on how to actually make a difference. I just wish we knew more about what we can do as individuals, and as a community.

For all of you out there that are thinking, oh, that’s me, never fear, there are a number of ways that I have found to make a difference that takes just as little time as a facebook share.

Vote with your dollar! This is by far the most important way you can tell a company that you are not happy with their practices. The only way to make a company change its practices is to mess with their bottom line

Vote with your vote! Where I am from, and in most societies, we are lucky enough to have the right to vote. I know that to many people, this seems like a burden, but we have to remember that these people are supposed to represent us. They are supposed to represent what we want – so let’s make sure we vote for someone who does!

Vote with your conversations – Sometimes we talk to our friends and family about light topics because we don’t know if they will be receptive to the more difficult conversations. But its time for us to give our family the benefit of the doubt – give a heavier conversation a try – people might surprise you and be passionate about the environment too! BUT – remember to be careful about throwing around facts you aren’t sure of.

I am by no means an expert on making change happen, so please – educate me too! What has worked for you?

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