Going Zero Waste with the Mail

Going Zero Waste with my mailbox was one of the first things I tried to change on my Zero Waste Journey – but this is something I still struggle with on a monthly basis. That’s right, almost a year in, I still have not eliminated my mail completely! BUT – I have been able to reduce it significantly – here’s how.

  1. Call businesses – I’m talking about your bank, your Insurance company, your subscriptions – anyone who sends you bills, updates or renewals. Give them a call and ask them to send everything via email. Some places will do it willingly, others might put up some resistance – but just do your best. IF that sounds overwhelming, take your time. Each time someone sends you something, focus on that one company.
  2. Get a NO JUNK MAIL sign – I’ve heard mixed things about these in different areas, but it is definitely worth a try. You can get these often at the hardware store or online, and just attach it to your mailbox. If you have a Post Office box, I believe you can just request to have no junk mail at the post office.
  3. Unsubscribe – If you are still subscribed to any print magazines or catalogues, its time to unsubscribe, or at least subscribe to the digital version! Give them a call, or send them an email and put a stop to the madness!
  4. Tell your friends and family – If anyone is still sending you mail in your social circle, explain to them that you are trying to reduce your waste, and ask them to either email you, or give you a call. Be careful how you approach your loved ones, as often, they are coming from a place of love, but just be honest, and make sure they know that you appreciate the thought.

That is all I have been able to do when it comes to my mail but if you have anything else that has worked for you – I would love to hear them – so comment below! And, don’t forget to subscribe here to get email updates when I post a new blog.

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