3 New foods I tried this month (and loved!)

I have recently been trying to change my diet and introduce more vegan meals in my diet, incorporate more fruit and vegetables, and just generally eat healthier. I have been trying a bunch of new recipes and I thought I would share 3 things that I tried, and loved!

Veggie Burgers – This was an easy one for me, once I got my head around the idea. The particular one that we tried was the “easy grillable veggie burgers” from this list, but we made a few modifications. I won’t spoil the exact recipe we ended up using, because I plan to make them again and post the recipe in a separate blog. But, without saying too much, the final product was amazing.

Bean-based Burritos – Having grown up on mince tacos and burritos with packet seasoning, I was a little skeptical on changing the recipe at all. But, we had recently begun to make our own wraps, with amazing success, so making these “meat and packaged taco powder-free” seemed like the next step. When I ate this, they were so amazing that I truly couldn’t taste that there was no meat in them. Again, next time we have these, I will post a recipe video – I promise! I think what I might try with this recipe, is ask my family to come over for dinner, and see if they can tell the difference. I’ll report back!

Veggie Curry – Ok, so I was lucky enough to come home one day and find a veggie curry waiting for me, courtesy of my fiance. I know it had potatoes, cauliflower, curry spices, and carrot – but otherwise, I’m not really sure. I am going to have to find out what he put in it so I can show you a recipe because when I took it to work the next day, everyone wanted to know what the amazing smell was wafting through the office. It was amazing – and something I don’t think I would have tried otherwise. Curry has never really been my thing – but this I will definitely have again.

I know that all of these new recipes have inspired me to try new things, and I would love to hear any new recipes that you would like me to try! And don’t forget to subscribe to get updates when I post a new blog.

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