I’ve been meaning to do that…

The reality of running a blog, working full time, keeping our house remotely clean (with my partner of course) and just general life means there isn’t a lot of time left in the day for other things – and I have found myself getting into a nasty habit of thinking “oh I must get rid of that” and then the next day, when I am in the same room, I think the same thing.

I wasn’t going to post this on my blog, I guess it wasn’t good for my shiny Zero Waste image, but after talking to some of my friends in the community, I remembered that we all have these struggles and sharing them and sharing how we fight them can only make us all stronger.

This past weekend, I realized that this behavior has to stop – and that’s when I decided to take charge. I’ve decided that for 10 minutes, every day, I am going to set a timer and pick up things that need to be taken out of the house – whether it is recycling, donations, or trash – until all of my pre-Zero-Waste items are gone. I am going to immediately take out the recycling and rubbish, I will box up the recycling for the weekend and I will take it out.

The message I guess I am trying to communicate is that I’m not perfect, and sometimes, things by the wayside, and I also need a little jump start sometimes. I hope this helps someone else take that next step and it jump starts someone’s next declutter. But, more than that, I would really love the hear how you jump start your next project when you don’t feel like you have the time.

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