3 Reasons to Declutter your workspace

This week, we had a desk move in the office. I took this as a great opportunity to declutter my space before I moved to my new desk. But why declutter? Why not leave your desk looking busy? Well, for me, there are several reasons to declutter your space.

Stuff isn’t useful if it’s stuck in a draw

Yes, I’m talking about the desk drawer (we all have them) that’s filled with extra staples of the stapler that you probably used 3 months ago, and that glue stick you used once, or those 5 extra notebooks that you thought you would need, even though you mostly just use your computer.

If you clean out the draw and remove whats unnecessary for you, it means that they could be useful to someone else. See if your colleagues can use these items, or if you work from home, see if any of your friends or family can use them. If all else fails, donate them. Think of these things as resources – if someone can use them, that’s better than them sitting in a draw.

BONUS REASON – You will find items that might bring value to your space that you forgot you had – and you can use them again!

A Clean Space Promotes a Clear Mind

I don’t know about you, but for me, when my desk is cluttered, with pens and notebooks everywhere, paperwork piled up and a bunch of books I haven’t had time to read – I feel busy, stressed and distracted. I feel like there is more to do than I can handle, and I don’t know where to start with any of it.

When your space is clear, your thoughts can be too. Put away the notebooks, the pens, and the books, and sort through your paperwork. Take the time to keep your space clean, and you will feel ready to tackle your next project.

Organization Promotes More Organization

With your space now clean, there is time to focus on priorities – and you should fill your space with the things that will help you do that! Try writing a to-do list to further focus your time, or find some positive affirmations that you can display in your space. Whatever works for you! Personally, I fill my workspace with a couple of indoor plants and a photo of my family. Every morning, with my to-do list and my cup of tea, I am ready to tackle the day.

I would love to hear if any of you have decluttered your space, and how it’s helped you be your best self. And, don’t forget to subscribe here to get email updates when I post a new blog.

Happy decluttering!

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