What they don’t tell you when you change.

When you change your lifestyle, you feel like the world is full of possibilities. That moment when you decide that it is time to take that step – when your values align and everything falls into place – well, there is no better feeling. You get to join a new community, you get to meet new people, everything is new. What they don’t tell you, is that sometimes it can be the loneliest feeling in the world.

The fact is, even when people love you, even when they support you, people don’t want you to change from who you are. There could be several reasons for this. Sometimes its because they are worried about the world reacting to you, and what people will say. Being different from the world, standing out, that can bring some unwanted attention, and your loved ones can be afraid of that.

Sometimes, its because they think that now that you are different, you will want them to change too. For me, everyone around me now thinks that I am judging them for every piece of packaging that they use, and they are careful about every move that they make around me. but the truth is, when they hurt me, its never when they were thinking about it. its when they are being too careless to notice what they said. And its NEVER been about the plastic or the packaging they use.

Sometimes, with some friends and family, its because you changing, is an inconvenience for them. you being different might mean they have to learn new things about you, or they might have to hear you talk about things that you didn’t talk about before. Sometimes, its really hard to be different and make friends, or even to be different and keep friends.

The point of this? I want you to know that you are not alone, We all have days where change is tough, and sometimes, its good to reflect on it and sit with it. today, it is feeling really hard to be different to everyone around me. but tomorrow, it might feel great, and I might be inspired to keep going. Who I am is okay, in fact, it’s great! But most importantly, people are limited by their own understanding and experiences! Try to be understanding of them, and hopefully, it will swing back your way.

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