5 Ways to stop buying fast fashion

Did you know that Australians buy an average of 27kgs of new clothes each year only to get rid of 23kgs in the same year.* That is an insane amount of clothes that we are wearing once or twice, and then disposing of. And this amount is all going to landfill, so it isn’t even being donated or passed on.

The War On Waste AU reported that in total, Australian throw away 6 tonnes of clothing every ten minutes. They also reported that you would have to wear each item of clothing 100 times in order to make its creation worthwhile (when you consider the resources that went into making it). When I read all this, I felt pretty bad about my clothing decisions, but I have made some changes. Feeling like you want to make a change? Here are 5 things you can do to reduce your fashion footprint.

  1. Put yourself on a fashion freeze.
    I guarantee you, right now, you probably do not need any more clothes. You probably have more than you need in fact, and while your mind would like to shop more, its time for a shopping ban.
  2. Assess what you have.
    Now, its time to decide what you want to keep. My suggestion, box up all of your clothes. Only take out items as you want to wear them. Whatever is left in the box in 3 months, it is time to say goodbye!
  3. Donate and pass on.
    Now, you probably have a bunch of clothes that you don’t want, but you want to get rid of. Beyond landfill (not an option) I would hold off on donating for a moment, and go with a few other options. Op shops are overflowing with fast fashion, so you only want to send there as a last option. If the items are really good quality, sell them online. Next, offer them up to friends, family or neighbors who might get use out of them. Finally, if you can’t sell, offer them up, then its time to donate them.
  4. What if it’s not wearable?
    When it comes to the broken, torn or worn beyond repair items, you have a few options there too. You can use the material as rags around the house, or you can call your local op shop. Some of them have ways to recycle clothing material, so it’s definitely worth the call.
  5. When it is time for more shopping?
    It’s time to get thrifty people! Did you know I was at a party last week, and due to fast fashion, 3 people were in the same dress that was “in style” that week – how embarrassing right? Thrift store shopping means your clothes will be unique, good quality and your wallet will thank you!

*Australian Bureau of Statistics 2010

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