5 Easy Zero Waste Switches in the laundry

Laundry is one area we have really cut down on our waste. While it doesn’t look like a big change (there isn’t a lot of physical waste) I know we have reduced the number of chemicals going into the ocean, the amount of water wasted and saved money.

  1. Do a full load
    washing machine
    I’m sure a lot of you already do this but a partial load is just wasteful. Take a little time to organize your washing, and I guarantee, you will always have a full load. If you live in a household where this isn’t possible, make your next washing machine is one that adjusts the water to the number of clothes. Every bit counts.
  2. Dry your clothes naturally
    download (14)
    Live in a warm place? Let the sun be your clothes dryer. Just make sure you don’t leave it out too long, the sun can damage your clothes.
  3. Consider whether it actually needs washing
    download (15)
    Did you wear the clothes for long, or did you duck to the shops for an hour, only to return to your pajamas upon your arrival home? If it can be hung and worn again, go for it – you won’t smell, I promise!
  4. Eco friendly laundry powder

    There are many different options for this, and I’m not going to suggest a particular one, but just make sure it is good for your clothes, and good for the ocean – because that’s where it is going to end up.
  5. Eco friendly clothing
    images (3)
    Did you know that most clothing contains microplastics that end up in the ocean? Next time you are clothes shopping, try and go for organic materials such as cotton or silk. They are better for your health, better for your skin and better for the environment. Everyone wins.

Got any good tips for swaps in the laundry? We would love to hear them in the comments below. Happy washing!

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