Zero Waste Engagement Party – The Aftermath

Last week, I posted about the things my partner and I were doing to reduce waste at our engagement party. You can check out that blog here. I wanted to give you an update, so here are 3 things we learned, missed, forgot about, and were surprised by! This originally started out as 5 things we learned from our engagement party, but it got a little long. Check out part two this Tuesday August 21!

  1. Food Waste
    images (4)
    Yes, we were careful to ensure all food that was left on plates was composted or taken care of appropriately. Nothing ended up in a landfill. BUT, we over catered for this party on a scale that you wouldn’t believe. When we finished up, not only were their 5 loaves garlic loaf, 3 pizzas and appetizers that we never served, but we also had a bunch of produce we didnt even prepare, and enough pasta and pasta sauce for about 40 people left over.

    The pizza, loafs, appetizers and fresh produce can be frozen, so none of that will go to waste (and i wont have to buy food for more than a month). Unfortunatly, the pasta sauce had already been frozen, so it either had to be eaten, or go to waste. After 4 days of eating it 2 meals a day, there was still way too much for us to eat.

    What did we do? We made a call to a shelter in the city, and they were more than happy to take it off our hands. We gave them some instruction on the temperatures the food was kept at after it was defrosted, to ensure everything was kept safe, and we took it straight to them. It made us both happy to know that it was going to be eaten.

  2. Gifts
    download (24)
    This is a positive one! I know our friends and family are mostly now aware of our Zero Waste lifestyle, and this time, everyone was really considerate about gifts. We recieved many cards with heartfelt messages wishing us well in our life together – this meant so much to us – and alot of them were kind enough to give us a little something to save for our future. Other than this, we recieved some amazing gifts that were totally atuned to our new life – a couple of beautiful plants, some beutiful wooden photo frames, and a lovely, hand carved wooden ornament from my beautiful sister and my future brother in law (see the image of this at the top of this post!). Truely, everyone listened and we didnt recieve anything that we didn’t want or need.
  3. Borrowing
    The other, amazing gift that we recieved was the generosity of our friends and family. Here is a list of items that we borrowed from our friends and family. This is something to consider for your next event too – not only did it save us money, but we didnt have to buy any of these items, only to never use them again. Totally waste free!

    Plus, next time you are looking to give a gift for an event like this, maybe see if you can lend a hand, or offer something to lend. This can mean more to people than any physical gift you could give.

    -Pizza Trays
    -Serving Trays
    -Camera Stands
    -Picnic Rugs
    -P.A System
    -Drink Dispensers
    -A Photo Booth Setup
    – TIME! (Setup, event management, cleanup)

I’ll be posting all about the Zero Waste party wins on our Minimize The Waste Instagram and Facebook – so make sure to follow us there. If you have any comments or stories, we would love to see your comments below!

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