Minimalism is the dream

We have all seen it, that perfect life where all you have to worry about is 5 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, a pair of socks and a laptop, and we all take a moment to think, oh wouldn’t it be nice, everything would be clean, organised and my life would be oh so much more efficient. Meanwhile, our dishes are pilling up, the laundry needs doing and the compost bin is beginning to stink up the kitchen.

Well, according to the minimalists, there is still hope for us yet. According to them, we can all begin to declutter and let go of things that don’t bring us joy. I’m already hearing the voice in the back of my mind say “but I love my books, I could never get rid of my books”, or “I love my fancy kitchen knives, I couldn’t give those up.” GREAT NEWS, voice in the back of my head – we don’t have to!

If things bring us joy, the minimalists say we should not get rid of them, in fact, we should treasure them and get as much use out of them as possible. Then, when we no longer have a use for them, we should give them to someone who can still get use out of them.

Now I’m listening.

What it is important to get rid of are the things you haven’t looked at in 6 months, or the items you keep just because someone you love bought them. It’s time to stop worrying about offending people, and living life for you. We have now done the minimalism game several times, and we are really only now at the point where we have to evaluate whether things truly bring us joy. Before this, it truly has just been junk!

This is probably more of a ramble than a blog, but I really think that minimalism can benefit us all one way or another, and I wanted to list below some amazing videos to help you get started.

Got more minimalism inspo? Link it in the comments below. Happy decluttering!

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