Last Minute Lunch

Ever find yourself without your bags, your Zero Waste containers, and your cutlery? Basically, you find yourself with nothing but your wallet and a hankering for lunch? Here are 3 options I’ve found to get around lunch on the go without waste.

  1. Dine in
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    No, but really, its good to get out of the office for an hour and have lunch. You will feel refreshed and be ready to go when you arrive back at the office! Take a friend from the office, it’s a great way to get to know your colleagues.
  2. Borrow something from the office
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    No, I’m not suggesting that you wait till the coast is clear, take someone’s lunch from the fridge and run for the hills. Often, your office will have plates and bowls, why not duck over to the takeaway place near the office and ask them to put the food on your plate – you can eat at your desk, and there will be no waste. Just make sure they don’t give cutlery or napkins to you anyway.
  3. The fresh fruit and vegetable section
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    Are you near a grocery store? Check out the fruit and vegetable section – there is bound to be something there you can eat! I had a nice baked potato with lemon the other day that was just delicious and package free!

These are just the options I’ve found, but if you have any others, comment below!

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