Op Shopping Trip Success!

This past weekend, we finally made a much-needed trip to the op shop. I finally had to break down and go shopping, as my work shoes broke (they were old and worn, could not be repaired). And I thought it was time to share with you our “how to” when it comes to shopping (shopping for things that aren’t food).

Keep Lists!
I know we have all heard before that taking a list when you go shopping ensures that you get everything you need, but this goes beyond that. I know there are some of you out there who don’t love to live by lists, you love spontaneity – and I think this can work for you too! I categorize our shopping into 3 groups – urgent, necessary and novelty.

  1. Urgent- This would include the previously mentioned shoes. I would have gone to work barefoot on Monday, had I not purchased new shoes – not pretty! These items are generally the motivator or the permission (depending on your thoughts on shopping) to go thrift shopping. This list generally doesn’t get too long before a trip to the store.
  2. Necessary- these items are things that I have decided would be valuable in my life, but I can live without for right now. This goes on a list of items that I actively look for when I do make a trip to the op shop. On this trip, I purchased a cake tin with a removable bottom and a mortar and pestle I have been wanting for ages! Remaining on this list is a new kettle (hoping for a completely stainless steel one) some completely glass containers and a wooden hairbrush. I currently have a kettle, a hairbrush, and Tupperware, but these items are on their way out, and I want to replace them with more eco-friendly or long-lasting items. This is where spontaneity comes in – you get to hunt for bargains on the items you want – just like you would have previously when bargain hunting in regular stores!
  3. Novelty – These items are not necessary, and don’t bring an immediate or long-term value to my life. Often, these can be things like books, DVDs, new electronics novelty cups etc. Usually, I wake up the next day, or a week later and don’t want them anymore. I realize that they won’t actually make me happy. If I decide that these items will make me happy, I find an ethical way to get them temporarily (borrowing from the library or a friend) or buying them online second hand.

And the trick is to stick to the lists. Don’t impulse buy (unless you find something that’s already on a list) and don’t stretch your willpower. Avoid putting yourself in situations where you are tempted. Happy Shopping!

One thought on “Op Shopping Trip Success!

  1. great idea especially t\he second list of Necessary as if buying via op shops etc one cant always find the item needed straight away


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