The bare minimum!

This week has been hard. I have worked a bunch of extra hours at my job, I have had some family stuff going on, I have an engagement party coming up, an overseas trip, I have a 10k to train for, plus working on some exciting things coming up for Minimize the Waste. Basically, I have a lot on, and I’m sure you have all had weeks like this.

I haven’t had time to pack my lunch every day, I haven’t had time to wash all of my napkins and handkerchiefs that I usually carry around, and I haven’t had time to keep the house clean. I have been a bad Zero Waster. BUT, surprisingly, I haven’t created any extra waste. I wanted to share with you the 5 things I have done this week to stay Zero Waste – basically, here is how to get by with the bare minimum.

  1. Remember my water bottle! I can tell you, this week, most of the time, it was empty when I left the house. I just didn’t remember to fill it. But, if you have it, you can always fill it when you are out.
  2. Dine in – don’t “Take out” If you forget your lunch, and you don’t have a container handy, eat in at a restaurant. not only do you get a great break in the middle of the day, but you get to save any waste from takeaway containers!
  3. Don’t shop! This one shouldn’t be difficult since you don’t have any time, but just don’t purchase anything new. You probably already own the things you need, so just hold off on any purchases until you have the time to make conscious choices.
  4. Use what is around you – BORROW, BORROW, BORROW! Do people around you have cutlery you could borrow, or a keep cup you could use for the day, or a charger you could use, or anything else you need? This will save you from making purchases (refer to #3), and, it might help you connect with other people – Win -Win.
  5. Stay positive. Eventually, things will calm down, and you will get back on track. Do what you can, and when you have the opportunity, get prepared, so next time, you aren’t caught off guard next time life gets in the way.

I would love to hear about your tips and tricks when you are busy – so comment below. Plus, if you would like to subscribe – click here to receive email updates every time we post a blog.

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