People wont always understand

This past weekend, I was out picking up my sisters birthday present. I had asked her what she wanted, and she had said that she wanted to try a menstrual cup, after hearing me talk about how good mine was, but that it wasn’t something she could afford to outlay the money on for herself right now – so I decided to get her that.

I went into the store (I won’t mention where it was, but it was a big chain chemist, as that’s the only one near me open on weekends) and I couldn’t find where they were located. I asked one of the staff members that was stocking shelves where they were located. She giggled a little, she would have only been about 15 years old, and through her giggle, she ducked off to find out. When she returned, still giggling at my request, she asked me to ask another lady at the other end of the store, as she did not know. She lead me to the other lady, and I asked again. I was met with more giggles before she pointed me in the right direction.

I was fuming by this point, as I was appalled by the customer service. What if I was an elderly person looking for incontinence stuff, or something equally intimate, would they have laughed then?

Then I reached the counter and I was greeted by a friendly lady about my age, who looked at the product I was purchasing, and asked if it was for me. When I replied that it wasn’t, but that I had one, we had a great chat with them. She was telling me that she also had one and that this was the best change she ever made. It was a great, encouraging chat that empowered me to keep going.

The point of me telling this story, was that it reminded me that people are going to have different reactions to all of our Zero Waste practices and that I shouldn’t let these discourage our efforts. There will always be those moments where I can share my Zero Waste story, and there will always be judgment, awkward conversations and difficult interactions. For those who want to listen, tell them, for those who want to judge, let them go and don’t give them a second thought. We can do this!

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