Minimalism Challenge

This month, my partner and I are taking on the Minimalism Game – and we would like you to play along with us. This is a game that was created by The Minimalists, Ryan and Josh, and its super simple to play, either by yourself, with a partner – or you can play along with us in July.

The game is simple. Each day, you declutter – on day 1, you get rid of one thing, on day 5, you get rid of 5 things, day 10, 10 things, and so on. It really helps you get rid of unwanted items (that’s the easy part) but it also helps you really discover why you keep the items that you keep, and why they are special to you.

Last time I played this game, my one downfall was that my house emptied out, but my car got full, and it took me forever to take all of the items to the charity shop/sell them online/give them to family or friends.

This time, we will be taking the items to where they need to go every Saturday, and I’ll be posting our journey on Instagram so all of you can keep me and my partner accountable!

Check out day 1 below, and follow us on Instagram to see our month long journey. Good luck in your minimalism game challenge!

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