If this doesn’t change your mind – nothing will!

I just sat down and watched the new documentary “A plastic Ocean” and while I knew a lot of the information already, even I am awestruck by the information it provided. I truely encourage everyone to stop what they are doing, and watch this documentary right now! Seriously, I’ll wait.

plastic bird

One of the most important things I learned from this documentary, was that our plastic use, every single piece that we use, it touches people and animals all over the world that have no say in the matter. It touches people from cultures who don’t know what plastic can do when it burns, but who use it for cooking. This means that it gets into their food, all the while, they have no idea what it is doing to their health. It is affecting all forms of marine life, from small fish ingesting micro-plastics to larger animals. It is affecting birds, land animals, there is even a good chance that every single one of us has ingested some form a plastic.

I feel sick, I feel sad, and I feel angry. I feel like, for many years, this information was kept from me. Whether it was on purpose, or whether it was society wanting to hide from the problem, this information was not readily available when I was making decisions about the products I wanted to buy, and the direct consequences my purchases would have. I feel angry that this information is still not hitting the mainstream media, and when it does, they brush it off lightheartedly, complaining about convenience and time-saving.

I also feel angry that corporations are not being held accountable for the products that they make, and the single-use plastics that they are selling. I’m angry that our governments aren’t doing anything, or at least they aren’t doing anything quickly.

This is hard to watch, but it is something we need to watch. It is something that we need to face, because we as a western culture have created this problem, and it’s time to change. It’s time to change our everyday actions, its time to change our laws, its time to change our corporations, right now.

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