Lifting up those doing amazing things!

I had a blog scheduled for last Friday, focusing on those who have nothing positive to say about our movement, our cause, and environmental issues in general, but, something came up, and I wanted to post something more positive.

On Thursday night, I had the privilege of going to a Q and A screening of Food Fighter, a new food waste documentary that depicts the story of Ronni Kahn, and her fight against food waste with Oz Harvest. This was a hear warming story, that yes, showed the problem that we all know is out there, and yes, showed how individuals can combat this problem, but also showed a true ray of hope within a problem that sometimes seems bigger than anything that is trying to stop it.

In a time where i was feeling like i was fighting an uphill battle, this film showed me that there are people around us fighting for causes that are just like ours. I like to think that Zero Waste and Low Impact includes any kind of waste, and in some ways, food waste is the most tragic of them all, because as we waste food, others go hungry.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ronni after the screening, and she was candid, gracious, and had time for everyone. And, in true Zero Waste advocate form, I said “If only we could get woolies (who are their major supermarket partner) to not put their “Odd Bunch”  produce in plastic bags!” and she openly took on my feedback, and i even have hope that she will be able to help us make that change.

I am in no way affiliated with Oz Harvest, or Ronni Kahn and they are in no way sponsoring this blog. But – I want to encourage all of you to see this film, and support Oz Harvest and Ronni and take a few moments to sign up and join their movement ( Plus, lets make a real effort to focus on food waste in our Zero Waste journey and see what changes we can make in our own homes. This woman and the team behind her are true inspirations, and it has thrown fuel on my Zero Waste fire, and i cant wait to see what change we can make.


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