My current Zero Waste Wish List

Waste is not about buying new things. it is about using the things you have until they are broken or unusable, and it is about second-hand shopping where possible. But, sometimes, there are things you need to buy new. And with my birthday coming up, I wanted to share with you whats currently on my Zero Waste wish list.

1. The first thing on my list is a new Zero Waste water bottle. The brand I have heard so much about from other Zero Waste influencers is Kleen Kanteen. It’s a bit pricey, at about $50, but supposedly it keeps your water cold for a really long time, and I know the brand is ethical and Zero Waste.K27SSLRF-MS_fa3a0e87-acf8-4619-825c-4250f1e511882. The next thing on my list is some Zero Waste produce bags. I have made a lot of my grocery bags from old t-shirts (stay tuned for an upcoming blog on that), I find that some stores are reluctant, saying that they would have to “tare” weight them in order for me to use them for produce, but these are about the same weight as the plastic bags they use, so for simplicity when shopping, i’m excited to get some of these.

3.  The third thing I would love is a new keep cup. I cracked my other one open another day and I really would like one that is from a good brand and is going to withstand my lifestyle (aka I’m clumsy).


4. After a recent overseas trip (my trip to Japan) I realized that I need other options when it comes to cutlery. I tried to bring regular cutlery through the airport, and the only thing that they would let me bring through was my spoon because they were all stainless steel. That’s why I would love some To Go Ware Cutlery. Plus the bag is so cute!


5. The last thing on my current Zero Waste wish list is a set of silicone baking sheets. They eliminate things sticking to my baking trays, and hopefully means my cakes will come out a little better.


I would love to hear about your favorite Zero Waste items or the Zero Waste items that you would love to try! Comment below and subscribe here.

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