Use It Up Challenge

I have given myself a challenge and I thought I would share it with you all.

Last week, I began to notice that I still had a lot of items in my house that weren’t being used (even after taking stock of what I had when I began this challenge). Things like opened moisturizers, perfumes, candles, soaps, vitamin bottles are just a few of them. These are things I use often, but I find that in my former life, I picked these up from hotels when I traveled or was gifted them at Christmas by relatives who thought that they were doing a nice thing. The truth was, wherever I was getting them, I was bringing them in much faster than I could use them up.

The problem was, these have either been opened, or partially used, so could not donate them, and giving them away, well, I guarantee you that every single person has hundreds of these things around their house and everyone I tried to give them to simply didn’t want them. So, I have decided there is only 1 thing for it – a challenge. To use up all of the things I have that are from my previous, plastic filled life, before 2019 hits. So, this is what I have done.

  1. I have made a list of all of the items that I want to use up:
    – opened moisturizers
    – perfumes
    – candles
    – soaps
    – vitamin bottles
    – body washes
    – shampoos
  2. I have made a list of Zero Waste items that need to go away in a box until the old items are gone.
  3. I have taken inventory of how many of each item I have and how long it should take me to use up each item. (After all, using extra items or products for the sake of using them up is just as wasteful.)
  4. Now, I’m going to use them, share them where I can, and use them up and GET THEM OUT OF MY HOUSE

And now, I’d like to set the same challenge to you. You don’t want these things cluttering up your home any more than I do – the hardest part about becoming Zero Waste is having plastic options all around you. Let’s clean it all out! I’m going to post my progress on Instagram – I’d love to see your progress too! Let’s all use the hashtag #useitallup

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