5 Easy Zero Waste Swaps in the Kitchen

I found in my Zero Waste journey that the kitchen was the easiest place to start. The things in my kitchen were the things we purchased and cycled through the most, and they seemed, for the most part, the easiest to change. Aside from food, which you will be able to read about in my upcoming grocery shopping blog, here are 5 easy kitchen swaps that will help you on your way to Zero Waste.

paper towel

  1. Paper towel to cloths- Paper towels were never something we used for cleaning in our house. We always had reusable cloths, probably due to the cost of repurchasing, as money was tight back then. But we did use paper towel to cool baking, wrap things and drain things if we fried or salted them. Now, we have some metal cooling racks and some tea towels and I am basically set. I haven’t had a need for them since, and I don’t miss them.Clingfilm
  2. Glad Wrap – I was an avid user of plastic wrap before I started my Zero waste journey. Sure, I used Tupperware when I took lunch to work, but when I prepared dinner, I would put wrap over the plate till we were ready to eat. Or, when I had to bake someone for an event or take leftovers home, this was what I reached for. I have really learned to rely on my Tupperware more, as well as some glass jars I have accumulated. While occasionally I still think about reaching for it, I don’t have it in the house anymore and haven’t had an occasion where I couldn’t use something else.foil
  3. Foil – This one has been a little harder to get rid of. I used to use this one for baking, as I didn’t have great trays at the time. I have been trying to do without (i’m not going to lie, some of my baking has not turned out very pretty because of this), but I am in the market for some silicone baking mats, as I have heard that these are amazing and eliminate the last use of foil I can think of in my kitchen.cooking utensils
  4. Plastic Cooking Utensils – the number of spatulas and cooking spoons that I had that melted or charred on the ends, or snapped in places, or just generally broke. I have slowly replaced these with completely stainless steel or wooden ones. I actually haven’t had to buy many, but I have cut down my collection to just what I need and it actually made cooking easier!tupperware
  5. Tupperware – Ok, I still use my Tupperware all of the time for food storage, but I no longer freeze in Tupperware. I have been using glass jars I have accumulated from milk and pasta sauce to store frozen fruit and vegetables. Its a great upcycle for the Jars, and a great tip for those who have concerns about freezing in plastic.

What have you swapped out in the kitchen? We would love to hear your stories in the comments below or on our Facebook or Instagram.

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