5 things i have sucessfully grown from scraps

So I would like to start this off by saying that I do not have a green thumb. I have tried for years to grow basil plants, parsley, and many others, and I have killed every single one of them. But, when I started my Zero Waste/Low Impact journey, I saw a lot of tips on how to grow plants from your scraps – and it actually worked (when I remember to water it)! So here are 5 scraps based plants that I have grown.

  1. Shallots (Scallions)
    I am truly still shocked at how easy this one was and how fast these grew. I put the bottoms of the shallots in a glass of water, I changed the water every time it got cloudy (maybe every 2 days or so) and within 2-3 weeks, this is what i had – completely new, fresh shallots ready to use.The bottom does need a large amount of washing, as the water does smell a little bit, but these are super tasty and look to be growing for the third time, but only time will tell.
  2. OnionNow I don’t have a picture of my onion right now, but it did grow in water for about a month before I planted it. It grew almost like onion sprouts, and then the bottom started to fall away. But apparently, now that I have planted it, it will grow an onion plant, which will flower, and then give me onion seeds, which will grow more onions. I’ll keep you posted!
  3. Aloe Veraaloe vera
    So this one wasn’t totally from scraps, but rather from a cut off from my friends plant. It did have some roots, but it was a tiny little cut of that is starting to grow into a blossoming plant. It has been great for cuts, bruises, and sunburn, so I haven’t had to buy any plastic packaged products. Yay!
  4. Lettuce
    my lettuce.jpg
    This is one I have heard about a lot, but I am loving it. I have been growing this one for about a week and it is already sprouting soo much! I am so excited to eat this and see how many times I am able to regrow it. I’ll do an update when i have more pictures.
  5. Confidence and Understanding
    No, this isn’t the name of some new plant, but it is something that I have been able to build since beginning to grow my own foods. There was a day a few weeks back where it was really hot. I looked at my parsley plant and it looked a little droopy and sad. Yes, my plant looked sad. So I went inside, grabbed some water and gave it a good drink. within ten minutes, my limp plant was a bright, vibrant plant. That was when I think I truly understood how and why my gardening had never been successful before. The plant may not have feelings, but it is a living thing that needs to be cared for – and this has been the most valuable lesson imaginable. And now? Full steam ahead (hopefully)!

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