Clean Out The Fridge – Fruit and Oat Muffin Bars

This Sunday, we had a lot of fruit in our fridge to get rid of, on top of so many almost empty jars of home made jam and some oats that were starting to get a little stale. So I did what I always do, I laid out everything that needed to be used out on the bench and tried to come up with something yummy. IMG_20180421_120751

This is what I had in my fridge and cupboard:

3 Teaspoons of Blueberry Jam
1 Teaspoon of strawberry Jam
1 Jar of Cranberry Sauce (Which i didn’t end up using)
1 Pineapple (which also didn’t end up being used in this particular recipe)
A home canned jar of passionfruit
2 apples
Some apricot preserve
Some almost gone grapes
1/2 a cup of almonds
1 orange
1 lemon
Coconut Oil (about 1 cup)

I also used the following staples from my cupboard:

1 cup of wholegrain four
2 cups of Oats
Sugar (which I didn’t need in the end with all of the jam)
Baking Powder

And here is how I made these delicious bars that I have been eating every afternoon for a snack – Yum!

Step 1 – I mixed the flour, the oats, and the baking powder.

Step 2- I grated the apples, zested the orange and the lemon and tossed them into the mix. Then i juiced the lemon and mashed in the flesh and the juice of the orange.

Step 3 – I tossed in the almonds the jams and preserves, the passionfruit, the grapes, the vanilla and the coconut oil and mixed all of the ingredients together.

Step 4 – I spooned it into a baking tray that i had pre oiled with some extra coconut oil. I simply filled the muffin tray almost to the top, enough for them to rise just a little.


Step 5 – I put them in the oven at 180 degrees celsius for about a half an hour, or until the oats on the top are golden brown. Then i pulled them out to cool.


And this is the exciting part – I got to eat them!

I would love to see your Zero Waste food creations, tell us all about it in the comment, or tag our Minimize The Waste Facebook page in your pictures.

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